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Shifting Chi to Sell Your Home

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i, Good Luck, Helpful People & Travel Gua, Intention | 0 comments

The energy surrounding our homes is one of the most powerful ties that bind. Our home is where we celebrate, weep, find refuge, fight with loved ones, release energy (both positive and negative), offer the best of our self to others, and where we rest. It’s THE place we are our most basic selves. So no wonder that it’s sometimes hard to sell your home. It is the place that stores our most prized possessions, comforts us when we need our personal space, and houses all the things that make ‘us’, well, us. Cutting the cord to our house when we need to sell it, can be difficult. We have built a very strong connection to the space over the years. If you need to sell and welcome that energy but nothing has happened yet, use these feng shui tips to help open the space for movement to come your way:

1. Cut the ties that bind, figuratively, by visualizing your connection to the house (and call it ‘the house’ going forward, not ‘our home’) being connected by strings on balloons. Envision a pair of scissors cutting the string and the connection floating away. Hold the memories tight but release the space that the house occupies so that it’s no longer tied to you.

2. Find your favorite spot in ‘the house’ and sit quietly in a meditative mood. Let your imagination fill the space with what type of family may move into the house. The kids running up the staircase with their favorite toys, the sound of dogs barking and laughter when the front door bursts open to welcome rain coats and wetter doggie coats after being caught out in a storm, envision the family gatherings during the holidays, the blessings ‘the house’ can offer the new family that finds it a perfect match to their needs. Hear the music playing in the background as a father teaches his daughter to dance for her first boy/girl party. Smell the pot of stew cooking as a mother prepares their first meal in ‘their new home’. Feel the love ‘the house’ will receive from her new owners and thank that house for all the blessings it has allowed to unfold for you during your time living in her.

3. Here are remedies or ‘cures’ to get the sell moving along quickly:

a. Bury a statue of St. Joseph, upside down or head first, in the Helpful People area of your yard (front left side if you are looking toward your home from the curb)

b. Shine a bright light up onto the back, top of the house (up high toward the roof but still on the back wall). Let it burn continuously until the house is sold.

c. Place an image of a bird carrying a ‘For Sale’ sign in its beak to welcome your intention of a buyer coming your way on the wings grace and ease.

d. Write the address of your house on a piece of paper, in red ink, and fold it 9 times. Use bio-degradable paper. Throw this paper into slow moving water and walk away without looking back.

e. Hang a wind chime on the outside of the formal front door to welcome luck to the space.

f. Hang balloons or a wind sock to attract both attention and ‘wind’ luck, what is called luck from all directions.

g. Hang flags or place whirligigs outside the main door to activate wind luck and welcoming healthy and happy energy (chi)

Be sure to thank ‘the house’ for being there for you, offering you a roof over your head, keeping you warm, dry, and healthy. Thank the space and give it a virtual hug. Take these same thoughts with you as find your new space. Thank it, release it from the past, and show it the beauty you and your family will bring to it. Happy feng shui’ing, with love and light!

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