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Relationships & Love Gua

Logical Woman Feng Shui

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 in 5 Elements, Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention, Relationships & Love Gua | 0 comments

Today is Ada Lovelace Day. The day we honor the founding mother of programmable logic (as in computer software programming). Today is all about women in science and technology. A great Feng Shui way to honor the wonderful woman-spirit in all of us is to place an earthen-ware bowl in the Relationships & Love gua of your home (far back right corner). This area is all about the mother figures in your life. Set up photos of the moms, grandmothers, daughters, women and girls that help make your...

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National Punch Day

Posted by on Sep 20, 2015 in 5 Elements, Angel Chi, Relationships & Love Gua | 0 comments

National Punch Day is today and I wanted to focus on the drinking punch, not the hitting punch, by sharing my mom’s amazing recipe for punch. Well, it’s based on my mom’s traditional punch recipe made from Kool-Aid, just a little healthier. My mom was the ‘go-to’ punch maker of the family and community and when you try this recipe you’ll know why. It’s quite simple and an amazing way to make an occasion extra-special. Punch 3 limes, sliced & juiced 4 lemons, sliced &...

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Guest Feng Shui

Posted by on Aug 8, 2015 in Family & Daily Cash Gua, Relationships & Love Gua | 0 comments

Here’s some Feng Shui for making your home more inviting to guests. And it feels like a warm hug when you’re out and about in the world traveling. My dear friend, Peggy, always shares this ‘gift’ of friendship with me when I visit her and I wanted to extend this amazing tip to you. When family members, friends, and loved ones come to stay the night, be sure to add a photo of the visitor to your home. It really is like giving the weary traveler an extra hug! The visual...

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