Bringing Inspired Intention to Your Life

"It's amazing how Angela made just a few simple changes in my home and now business is booming. I didn't realize how I was blocking money from entering my life!"


Angela Davis, The Green Feng Shui Lady and celebrated IFSG Author, is certified as a Red Ribbon Professional through the International Feng Shui Guild. She earned her Black Hat Feng Shui Certification through Karen Rauch Carter’s Academy of Exquisite Living as an “Inspired Practitioner” and is a part of Karen’s lineage under Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. Her Feng Shui journey was born of a love of books. “Reading has always been a way to learn, grow, move forward, and connect.” And maybe it was out of curiosity, the universal plan, the path, or simply blind luck that she held onto that book’s message and intertwined it into her daily life. “I was amazed at how much my environment affects me, both positively and negatively, and wanted to get more flow, acceptance, and peace into my space and life”. Angela has practiced Feng Shui for over 12 years and considers it an honor to learn more about this field every day. “To me, Feng Shui is in everything – a prayer, cooking a meal, standing at a checkout. It’s how we act and react to our world.” Most people know Feng Shui only as the physical placement of furniture. But it is the outcome of what happens in our lives after we move the furniture that is the beauty of Feng Shui. Every action we take in life moves us forward on our path. Feng Shui allows us to take an active voice in choosing HOW we move forward.

In the simplest of definitions, Feng Shui is wind and water; it is yin and yang, balance and chaos, luck and fortune, intention and purpose. All the things that are present in our daily lives. And when we open ourselves up to balancing those elements we gain peace, understanding, acceptance, and grace. Feng Shui guides us to live with intention, to enjoy the journey that is our path, and to understand our surroundings and ourselves. And yes, Yoda — Star Wars — the Force — had a lot to do with the journey. As my favorite childhood saga, Star Wars, taught me to look inward for strength and understanding. My favorite quote is “That which you seek, inside you will find.” It is from the character Yoda. Basically, what you bring with you is what you’ll always get. Feng Shui helps me to change what I take around with me every day so that I remember to walk along the path of my choosing, not just reacting to the world around me. As an intuitive since childhood, that was strength I needed to understand how to act/react in a very different world than the one I understood.

I am amazed at how much Feng Shui flows into other concepts, how it permeates and intermingles with philosophy, health, wellness, psychology, anatomy, art and literature. Feng Shui was developed over 3,000 years ago in China as derived from the I-Ching or Book of Changes. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune. A translation from the Encyclopedia of China, 1917 quotes Feng Shui as “the art of adapting residences…to cooperate and harmonize with the local currents of the cosmic breath”. How beautiful is that?!? In Feng Shui, what is closest to you has the most effect on you. Thus having a home or business with a good flow of ch’i, that universal energy that surrounds us all, is vital, natural and needed for a healthy, happy, prosperous life. It is the daily “how to” actions that you do that have an intention on the space in your home/office that can support the “you” that you really want to be and have the things you really want to see in your life.

A lot of people ask me about how I got into Feng Shui. Well, it was me spending a lot of time at the bookstore. And after all that time perusing the stacks of books, it was somewhat inevitable that I would pick up a book on Feng Shui. And why did it stay in my hand and ultimately, my mind, this Feng Shui book? I connected with it in a deep and meaningful way. One that touched my heart, opened my mind, and started me on a journey to learn more. So I started reading up on different schools (Landform, Compass, 4 Pillars, so many forms, so little time) and found that I really enjoyed Black Hat Feng Shui.

I started Feng Shui’ing my own home, my family member’s homes and then subjected my friends to the same. Everyone kept saying how I should do Feng Shui professionally and I looked around and found a great school to get my certification through (thanks Karen!!). I loved how your environment could help support what you wanted in your life. Feng Shui is a way of making simple adjustments in your space (your home, your office, your RV or boat!!) that lead to real change. You WANT to live a life that had less drama, more peace and mo’ money? Feng Shui can help you make the changes, the choices and the movement toward living life as you WANT it to be. I just love showing clients how to make their environment support what they WANT in their lives. It’s a way to take your life in the direction you want to go instead of just blinding going down the path on your own. It’s true that life flows more easily when you don’t try to steer it. It’s also true that Feng Shui can help the journey be more supportive of you and your family.
What is Black Hat Feng Shui? Well, the late Feng Shui Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun founded Black Hat Feng Shui and introduced it to the Western World in the 1970’s (a wonderful time to be born if I don’t say so myself – smiles). He moved to the States and wanted to bring the wisdom of Feng Shui with him. But how to bring ancient practices repeated over centuries to a new world? The very planet is different on this side of the Earth. He did so by establishing Black Hat Sect Feng Shui. His teachings transformed ancient Chinese philosophies and adapted them to a modern world – a world far away from China. This new, modern style of Feng Shui incorporates the Theory of Ch’i (energy) and uses methodologies of transcendental cures, spiritual cultivation, and meditation to move energy in ways that supports you in your specific space. I am honored to be part of Karen’s lineage under Dr. Lin.

So that’s the history lesson, here’s the reason why you should choose The Green Feng Shui Lady. My philosophy is to bring the ancient art of Feng Shui into your home, office and life in order to allow you to live the inspired and intentional life you have always dreamed of living. By layering your environment to support the flow of ch’i, that prevalent energy that brings health, good luck, mental clarity, and wellbeing to the universe, I show you how to bring a beautiful and meaningful experience into the life you envision.

So what about The Green Feng Shui Lady is so GREEN? Feng Shui inherently supports a green lifestyle; what exists in your environment also exists within your mind, body and soul. And what is closest to you has the most impact on you. And what we eat, touch, use on our skin, and breathe in our air affects our health and the health of our world. By helping my clients be “green”, I help them learn to read food label, cleaning supply labels, detergent and soap labels, as well as cosmetic, skincare and body lotion labels. Being an informed consumer goes a long way to being a healthy consumer. With this said, what you eat, put on your skin and use in your home will impact your health sooner than anything else. So by combining a love of Feng Shui with earthing (connecting to the Earth’s natural energy), Bau Biologie (Building Biology), and living a green, healthy lifestyle I get to help others find the best environment in their home or office to support their greater good. Now, you’re getting what The Green Feng Shui Lady is all about. Being green is simply eating organic, local and heirloom foods as well as using natural and organic cleaning supplies, make-up, beauty care products and wardrobe. It’s making sure there are fewer toxins in the home – both inside and out. Remember, if YOU can’t pronounce the name of that ingredient, then it’s likely your liver can’t process it either. Along with traditional Feng Shui consultations and Bagua Vision Board Parties, these are the types of services I provide to clients wanting to go ‘green’ and needing a helping hand. To me Feng Shui is living in balance with your environment and that includes leaving toxins out of your home and body.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC as well as an Associate Degree from Lenoir Community College in Kinston, NC in Graphic Design and Studio Art. And I truly rely on the knowledge I gained from these degrees to make my Feng Shui skillset integrate and shine. Having a background in art allows me to ‘see’ a home/office in a different way. By combining my artistic insight with Feng Shui (as well as all the other skills and insights I’ve gained during my lifetime) I hope to bring you a beautiful and meaningful experience. And by using my love of art to create my own cures (double cure crystals, double cure paintings and fabric bagua quilts), I get to use those degrees to my parent’s delight – smiles!! I am also an intuitive – I can speak to Angels. This brings me an insight into the space, the path, what is needed, and what is given — if my client chooses to incorporate an intuitive reading into the consultation.

With clients ranging from businesses to housewives to professionals in Raleigh, Phoenix, Washington DC, and Orlando areas, I know I can utilize my past to bring you a brighter future. I can take face to face clients in most of Florida and am happy to travel or host phone call/Skype sessions for any out of area inquiries whether they be personal, residential or corporate consultations. I also do speaking engagements and hold hands-on workshops. Let me guide you in your journey to find your inspired and intentional life.

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