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"It's amazing how Angela made just a few simple changes in my home and now business is booming. I didn't realize how I was blocking money from entering my life!"


Consultations range from in-person, phone/Skype, travel, and include Residential as well as Small Business and Corporate Consultations.  A Feng Shui Consultation can be for the home, business, office, room, specific to a family member, for the closet, pantry, automobile, RV, boat, Dormitory Room, or Pet.  You name it, it can be Feng Shui’ed!

Types of Consultations:

        • Traditional Feng Shui Consultation – $425.00
          Can be in person or via phone/Skype.  A Traditional Consultation involves me coming to your home or office and providing an evaluation incorporating Feng Shui strategies and sharing my best solutions for upgrading your life. The consultation starts with a conversation to clarify exactly what change you want to bring into your life. We walk through your space together and assess what physical changes should be made in order to support what you want to change.  We also discuss how those physical changes relate to you/your families/staff mind, body, soul, spirit and aura.  You will need to take notes during our consultation which we then prioritize as a to-do list. We also discuss any additional resources that might further support you during this amazing time of transformation and change. Don’t worry, you’ll have my support while you make the changes as well as have access to me to discuss your cures and describe what has changed since our consultation. For the following 30 days, we can fine tune things or, if needed, take it up another level – all this is included in the consultation. I will also perform space clearing or traditional ground blessing rituals, as they are needed, and can even teach you de-cluttering strategies to keep building toward the life you want to live. * Also included is a healthy-home check for electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and anything else that stands out as health-depleting in your environment and make suggestions on how to limit exposure to these invisible yet potentially harmful fields.
        • Travel Consultation – $575.00
          I need at least 3 consultations booked to consider traveling to you in the US (outside the US? Just add airfare, all other details still apply). If you have a friend that also books a consultation then you get $100 off your consultation or you can split it and both get $50 off.
        • One Room Consultation – $175.00
          This one hour consult focuses on one/two guas (rooms/spaces) offering more specific advice to the path you are on at this moment.
        • Family Member Focused Consultation – $375.00
          These types of consultation are my favorite! They focus on a specific family member who needs additional support at the time. Think of Back to School Feng Shui for those kiddies or college students. Here, we focus on how to support the student via their surroundings; a better study environment resulting in an improved ability to focus, how Feng Shui can support a schedule (study, bedtime, nap time), using Yin and Yang to support the child (or adult) with the appropriate energy for the desired outcome. Other Family Member Focused sessions include support for the Father (give Dad a hand, after all, in Feng Shui he’s ‘the’ Helpful Person!!!!), Mother, Oldest Daughter or Son, Middle Daughter or Son, or Youngest Daughter or Son. Who needs support in your family?
        • Beyond the Spectrum Consultation – $475.00
          This consultation type is for families who are directly affected by children with special needs, like my nephew Chase. Feng Shui offers many means to address the health of your home, the tranquility of your spaces, and the adjustment of light, color, shapes, scents, sounds to better support your family’s needs. After all, what is closest to you has the most affect on you. I go a step further and utilize my knowledge of Bau Biology, electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, mantras, energy, and angels as guides to make your home support you and your child’s needs at every stage of development.
        • Floor Plan / Blueprint Consultation / New Home Purchase or Sale – $375.00
        • Mind Makeovers – $375.00
        • Journey Consultations – $175.00 per month
          For existing clients who want a monthly consultation and access to have their questions answered continuously through email, phone calls, and texts. This consultation brings to mind the need to have your home support you at every stage your growth and development.
        • Redecorating / Staging Consultation / Real Estate Assessment – $175.00
        • Green Pantry/LifeStyle Makeovers – $125.00  hour
          This consultation type is to help those who want to be ‘green’ but just don’t know where to start. What is ‘Greening’ anyway? It’s looking at the chemical load in the foods in your pantry, the clothes you wear in you wardrobe, what you clean your home with in your cleaning supplies, the things you put on you skin in your personal care products and lifestyle. But don’t get overwhelmed – I’m here to help. Call me to go over your pantry, closet, wardrobe, cleaning supplies OR to just get started with one area.
        • 30 Minute Phone Consultation – $75.00
        • Bagua Mapping – $75.00
        • Bagua Vision Board Party – $50.00 per person / 6 person minimum
          What is a Bagua Vision Board Party, you may ask?   We’ll take all the insight of creating a Vision Board and combine it with the Bagua Map to get you on your path. A Vision Board is a tool used to help clarify and focus on your goals. It’s any board — think of cardboard, paper, notebook, or display boards like used in science fairs — that you can use to display images that represent what you WANT in your life. A Bagua is a map of your home used in Feng Shui to find out which part of your home/office correlates with a particular situation in your life. Imagine using a Vision Board to map out what you want in your life along with a guide (me) to help you apply Feng Shui principles that will support YOUR vision for your life.
        • De-Cluttering Consultation – $100.00 per hour / 2 hour minimum
          Need to release and be able to receive, then it’s all about de-cluttering for you. We will walk through the process to help you learn about HOW all that stuff affects you, HOW to stop the patterns that cause the stuff, and HOW to release, reuse, recycle, return, and trash you way to a more balanced home.
        • Space Clearing and Prosperity Rituals – included in all services free of charge or available as an independent option at $125.00 per hour
        • Healthy-Home checks for electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and anything else that stands out as health-depleting in your environment – included in all services free of charge or available as an independent option at $125.00 per hour

To request a consultation please use the “Contact Me” form, call 919-931-9876, or email me at

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