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What’s Your Energy Attracting?

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Cures, Intention, Perception | 0 comments

This week let’s focus on what you want in life and how to open the space to attract that same energy. After all, EVERYthing is energy. Our thoughts, words, actions, reactions, and daily tasks refrain the energy surrounding us. So what’s YOUR refrain? Is it reflecting the love and hope within your soul? If not, use this opportunity to ‘cure’ that reaction with feng shui. As we know, what’s closest to us has the most effect on us. And our thoughts are truly close to us as they interpret, perceive, and literally write what we know as our reality. It takes time and practice to re-write our story: the thoughts we have, the message we tell others, our reactions to what other’s do and don’t do. Here’s the cure: every time you have the opportunity to act or react in a way that would move your current experience more toward the life of love and hope you want, then take that moment to do something differently. Your child spills the milk? Respond with “I used to spill the milk all the time, too. You’re just like me! Let’s clean it up together.” Then SHOW the action you want to see the child to take ON THEIR OWN. Your spouse forgets to stop and buy the milk. Respond with understanding instead of judgement. Is this millionth time he/she has forgotten the milk? Is it simply outside the scope of their ability to stop for milk AT THIS TIME in their life? (And it’s OK if that’s a ‘yes’; it’s not necessarily a ‘forever’ place. We all have limitations from time to time that keep us from delivering milk.) Give them the space to be what and who they are at this time along their path. And do the same for yourself. When you forget to change your reaction to the ‘stuff’ that happens in life, smile, relax, and breath. Know you are doing your very best and take it from the top. Add a mantra (spoken affirmation) to help you take a second before you speak; this is a real lifesaver for me as it gives me a moment to stop and think before my mouth opens and ‘stuff’ comes out. Then speak your reactions from a place of love and keep moving forward. Feng shui ‘cures’ can be physical actions, emotional adjustments, and even spiritual alignments. They are simply a way to remind yourself of who your true self really is; beauty, love and light.

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