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Celtic Animal Love for the Hawk

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Career & LifePath Gua, Feng Shui, Perception | 0 comments

The Celtic Animal Zodiac month of Hawk began on November 25th and runs through December 23rd. The Hawk is one of the most celebrated of animal signs; it is sight, insight, meaning, clarity, and seeing the bigger picture. Hawk teaches us to look inside to walk the path of seeking and then sharing wisdom. Hawks may get down easily when others don’t want to hear the wisdom they have found. Hawks are a optimistic, a symphony in balance, have a high standard of integrity that comes from an internal compass pointing them to always do the right thing, and are very generous in sharing all they have with others. However, Hawks can be perceived as flippant and dismissive due to their nature to fly off to another, more interesting, pursuit. But this is not true; they are only seeking their higher truth. A great lesson from Hawk is to let go of those things that no longer serve our highest, greatest good. The Hawk is open-minded and philosophical yet always stay true to their own perceptions; that is the internal compass thing again. This also yields an individual who is perceptive, great at divining truth and seeing someone for who they really are in life. The Feng Shui equivalent would be a Water Element person, whether by birth order or personality. The Middle Son (and Middle-Aged Man) are Water Elements with their gua, Career and LifePath, depicted in the center, front of the home. Physical connections to Water are found in the Ears, Kidney, Blood, and Bladder. Another tie in to the Hawk? The Water Element represents yearning, adaptability, and adventure. To my Hawk peep, I wish you Love and Light!

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