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Christmas Card Day Feng Shui

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i, Feng Shui, Good Luck, Intention, Perception | 0 comments

Christmas Card Day just happens to be the day I am getting my Holiday cards in the mail. Funny how life imitates art. And it really does. Case in point, what we think about is what we bring about. A HUGE Feng Shui concept in that all things vibrate as energy. The table, us humans, plants; all things are energy. Feng Shui suggests to get what we WANT in life, we should vibrate at that level on which we wish to exist. That is to say, we should dress, think, act, live, and love like we already HAVE the life we want. We have the job, the house, the yacht, the family, the THINGS we want. We act like we have and so we end up having them. They become attracted to our energy level. An amazing example of this is the young pop star Taylor Swift. She has sang song after song about boys, and friendships, and love. And has been the media darling; so sweet, so innocent, so nice. Then, out of left field, she has ‘Bad Blood’ top the charts and she now has a beef with a half dozen other starlets, singers, and models. Until she started singing about ‘bad’ things, she only had good press. IF there is one Feng Shui concept I can share with you, this is IT. What you think, what you say, and HOW you say it become the reality in which you live. (Same with your home; if you don’t LOVE that doodad, trinket, or bauble then get rid of it. It is an expression of your reality.) If you love your reality, great. If you don’t, then change your thoughts and your things to vibrate on the level of the life you wish to live. It WILL change your life. Love and Light!

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