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Having-ness Feng Shui

Posted by on Oct 17, 2015 in Angel Chi, Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention, Perception, Wisdom | 0 comments

Today is my dear friend, Rosemary Ross’, birthday AND one of the luckiest days in October. But of course, she’d say, it’s HER day so it had to be lucky! Love you dear one!! What makes it so lucky? Mars and Jupiter are dancing in the skies bringing you prosperity, love, health, and happiness as a bonus. Another three-gua day following October 9th’s energy. So let’s make it AMAZING! One of her most amazing ‘shares’ has been to keep my “having-ness gauge” full. You know, keeping sight on how grateful I am, listing all the things that I ‘have’ that make my life WONDER-filled, the daily review of all my blessings in life. By filling up my “having-ness gauge”, I open my world to receive. Happy, happy birthday my dear friend! Love and Light!

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