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National Apple Betty Day is today and reminds me of a recipe passed down from my Grandmother for Apple Pandowdy. It’s an easy recipe of apples cut into slices, cinnamon, and sugar placed in a buttered pan with a quick crust (flour, sugar, milk) poured over top. Simple. But so much love went into those simple deserts. I believe that’s part of the reason we never gained any weight – too much love blocked the fat receptors. LOL – I wish. But I do recommend the art of L-O-V-I-N-G your food. Bless, love, thanks, gratitude, hope, kindness. Pray all those things into the meals you eat. Not just the ones you make, but all the meals, snacks, and drinks you consume. Infuse them with love and gratitude so they can infuse you with health and hope; a very Feng Shui action to building chi. Love and Light!

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