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Feeling Safe

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in 5 Elements, Career & LifePath Gua | 0 comments

Feeling safe is on my mind, as in “I am secure, I am safe”. So what can we do to make our lives feel safer when it comes to Feng Shui? Well, start by wearing the gemstone of safety/security, topaz. Sit in the ‘command position’; that is with a wall behind you and good lines of sight to windows and doorways. Keep the space above your bed cleared of objects that could fall on you and cause you harm. Forgive any wrong-doers who can have control over your fears as fear is the negative emotion associated with the Water Gua. (Find your Water Gua using the chart The positive emotion is play. Definitely add more play time into your life to find balance. And speak a confirmation of “I AM” to fill that mind full of empowerment. I AM. Love and Light!

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