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Student Sleepy Time Feng Shui

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Children & Creativity Gua, Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i | 0 comments

Here’s some more Back to School Feng Shui specifically dealing with a good sleep environment. Take a look at your student’s living environment, whether they are at home or at the dorm. In Feng Shui, bedrooms are a special space for renewing, restorative, replenishing sleep. Full stop. No TVs, no computers, no toys! (Gasp! Yes, she went there, folks.) Study and play should be moved away from the bedroom. Especially when a child is having trouble sleeping the night through. An ideal sleep space is cozy, comfy, and accommodating; all yin characteristics. And a good night’s sleep is critical for achieving good grades in school. AND If you want that child out of YOUR bedroom at night when YOU’RE trying to get sleep then remove the enticements to play out of THEIR bedroom. It sends a mixed message. Also, give your kid’s space some ambient lighting to help them feel safe. Place a fan or background noise device in the room (but away from the bed) to help block out the sounds that bump in the night. Little things can wake a child who doesn’t feel safe and secure. As adults, we know the refrigerator is dumping ice and making noise but to a child, that noise can be scary. Having peaceful, restful sleep contributes to having a more attentive student. Love and Light!

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