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May the 4th is Star Wars Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited. Han Solo is coming back to the big screen. The Force is alive and well. And as many of you know, my Feng Shui journey is born of a love of stories and there is none other so great as Star Wars is to me. A lonely kid who kinda didn’t fit in, knowing there is something more out there than just this physical world, seeing a story unfold about energy and vision and intention and robots. Wait, is this my geekiness or my husbands?!? OK. Breathing normally now. So back to topic. Feng Shui and Star Wars. Allowing the universal flow to guide you to a higher level of understanding of God, the Universe, and Everything. In gratitude for an amazing journey that gets better every day. How can it get any better than this? “May the 4th” be with you!!

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