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"It's amazing how Angela made just a few simple changes in my home and now business is booming. I didn't realize how I was blocking money from entering my life!"

Kindergarten Day and Jelly Bean Day were celebrated this week and I wanted to go more in depth with that theme today. Kindergarten and Jelly Beans go together like peas go with mashed potatoes (I’m not a fan of peas and carrots). Today is about practicing our basic skills of love, appreciation, gratitude, and forgiveness. Try this for Feng Shui advice. Carry around a pocketful of jelly beans and every time you think a happy thought or take a happy action, have or share a jelly bean and smile straight from your heart. Ultimately, become like Pavlov’s dog – every time you think or do a good good deed, smile from your heart for all to see. You may end up with no jelly beans from sharing them all but you will get far more in return.

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