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"It's amazing how Angela made just a few simple changes in my home and now business is booming. I didn't realize how I was blocking money from entering my life!"

May 9th honors “Lost Sock Memorial Day”. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun. It’s time to focus on that missing sock. And today it’s about using Feng Shui to open up that good energy in order to find balance with the missing sock ch’i. Like all missing socks, the washer ate it, gremlins took it, or the cat attacked it and has it as a hostage for kitty treats. Either way, let’s get balanced so we can find it. Go to your Helpful People & Travel gua in the front, right corner of your home. (Need help locating that gua/area of your home? Then download a Bagua Map at Use this area to honor your helpful people – religious icons, inspiring people, saints, parents, family, friends. Set up a shrine of gratitude for all you have received and ask “How does it get any better than this?”. Often, a lot, repeatedly, with joy – hope – sincerity – gratitude – faith – love.

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