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Felt Hat Day

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in Energy Flow Ch’i, Feng Shui | 0 comments

Felt Hat Day!! Today is Felt Hat Day!!! My teens are passing before me. My love of hats was set off after Raiders of the Lost Arc deputed in theaters. Sigh!!! Harrison Ford. Period. Nun Said. But I digress. I received my first felt Fedora at my next birthday. And my love of hats was born. Hats for Easter, hats for cold days, hats for rainy days, hats for decoration, hats to keep the sun away, hats because they made my Grandmother happy as she remembered the ‘old days’ when ladies always wore hats. Hats for the fun of it. Just hats. Love ‘em. (Betcha wondering’ how this is related to Feng Shui???) My Feng Shui practice is based upon Black Hat Tantric Buddhist Sect disciplines. (Mind you, Feng Shui is not a reliegion. I get asked this a LOT. It is not a faith. Just a discipline to help us in our daily life. A discipline that CAN get us closer to living our faith. But not a Faith in itself. Like yoga AND karate are both ways to work your body.) So why Black Hat as my personal choice (other than the hat thing)? Our founder, Professor Lin, explained the choice as this; black can never be “sullied” or “stained” by anything. It remains pure and retains its pure nature – always. Now I can hang my hat on that. And keep moving forward with purity of heart. Love and Light.

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