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Earth Element, Dioscorea, and Poria – oh my!

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015 in 5 Elements, Cures | 0 comments

National Stuffing Day is today and I could not be more thrilled. Stuffing is the ONE thing that makes my turkey day bright. Other than time spent with my family. Yeah, let’s get our priorities straight here. Stuffing Day. No. Family first. OK, family time spent making stuffing. Yeah, that get’s both my Turkey Day faves rolled into one HUGE thing I’m grateful for. And I am so grateful for family. I am learning that I have more peace when I love them just the way they are. No fixing, no fusing, no expectations. Just love ‘em. So here’s some Feng Shui to help you, especially at this time of year, love your family. Eat stuffing. That’s right. Eat stuffing. And some yams. Or sweet potato casserole. You choose. Just eat. The herbs associated with the Earth Element, that centering, calming, safe element, include dioscorea (yams) and poria (mushroom). Two super yummy Thanksgiving ingredients that you now know are ‘musts’ to add to your current recipes if they don’t already make the cut. So welcome in the mushrooms and yams to your holiday feasts to add harmony and Love and Light!

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