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"It's amazing how Angela made just a few simple changes in my home and now business is booming. I didn't realize how I was blocking money from entering my life!"

‘Celebration of the Senses’ is spotlighted on June 24th and this Feng Shui tip is just for you. Want a great way to have stronger relationships with your friends and family? Feng Shui says to look to the sense that makes sense to your loved one. What I mean is this: figure out which sense your family member resonates with. Do they need a physical hug or kiss on the cheek to feel loved? Need to hear how well they did with public accolades? Do they need written acknowledgment? Or does showing them they are loved involve doing something they need done, a chore or mending clothes? Or do they need to be given a gift to register they ‘did good’? Find out HOW they sense love and you’ve found out how to strengthen your relationship.

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