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"It's amazing how Angela made just a few simple changes in my home and now business is booming. I didn't realize how I was blocking money from entering my life!"

Happy July 28th Birthday to my youngest sister, Beth. On your special day, and always, I wish for you stability, strength, support, and love. These are all Earth Element themes and with the Earth Element encompassing three guas or areas of your home, it is a predominant theme in our daily lives. To welcome the energy of stability and support, place earth items in these three guas located in the far back right (Love & Relationships), exact middle (Heath), and front left of your home (Wisdom, Skills & Knowledge). (Need help locating that gua/area of your home? Then download a Bagua Map at Earth Elements include pottery, clay, stone, tiles, rocks, granite, things earth toned, and squares. When placing the objects, place your intention of already having stability, strength, support, and love in your life. Love and light my baby sis!!

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