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Happy Lunar New Year: Yang, Fire Monkey

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in 5 Elements, Yin/Yang | 0 comments

Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year!! It’s the year of the Yang (Masculine) Fire Monkey, a mischievous sign that loves fun but can also play the role of ‘primate flinging poo’. Yang energy is the active, moving, up energy of the yin/yang cycle so get ready for a energetic year. The fire element brings many positive paths for the upcoming two year cycle. Fire is associated with Fame & Reputation and is symbolized by the Phoenix, the mystical bird of new beginnings, self-made new beginnings, and starting over on your journey. The fire element connection comes in many ways; your birth order and year of birth are the two most common. Middle daughters are fire elements (a middle girl has an older sister and a younger sister). That’s me, my sister Karen, and lifelong friends Peggy and Robbie. If you are born in a year that’s associated with the fire element, it’s your time, too. Fire years cycle every 10 years as each of the 5 Elements run in two year cycles. So those born in 2006-2007, ’96-’97, ’86-’87, ’76-’77 — you get the pattern. That makes my baby sister, Beth, a fire element too. Look at these patterns to get insight on relationships and how to make your life flow more easily. Having insight along your journey helps us give more, share laughter, bring joy, share positivity, and remind others to play. (All positive attributes of the 5 elements; earth, wood, fire, metal and water respectively). Life is the journey, not the destination. So take this yang, fire monkey year energy to it’s max on this wonderful ride called life and have FUN this year!! Love and Light!!

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