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Tsao Chun and Anoia: Deities of Kitchen Love & Light

Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i, Feng Shui, Helpful People & Travel Gua, Intention | 0 comments

Spoiler alert: it’s kitchen deity day. Why today? In Feng Shui, it’s very auspicious to cook a special meal on the fourth day of the New Year (both in the gregorian and lunar calendars so remember this one for February 12th, too). This Feng Shui cure is association with one of the Five Deities of Fortune in Chinese folk lore. The kitchen god, Tsao Chun, was a man who’s task it was to watch over the family fortune from, you guessed it, the kitchen. And anyone who’s lost a gravy ladle, had a drawer get stuck on a pie server, or burned the biscuits when YOU ARE LOOKING RIGHT AT THEM, can attest to the need to appease the kitchen gods. Even the late British author, Terry Pratchett, knew of Tsao Chun. His Discworld series honors the deity with a parody called Anoia, the minor goddess of “Things That Stick in Drawers”. We’ve all had THAT day so here’s my standing Feng Shui tip to get along with all those minor gods of things “anoia-ing”. Do EVERYthing with love. Don’t stew (get it, s-t-e-w) over the day’s events while prepping your special meal today (or any day). Do EVERYthing with love. Chop, sauté, bake, sauce, stew, and stir with love. Just as with the ‘secret sauce’, love brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the recipe. Whether it’s for today’s special meal, your daily bread, or for your whole life in general, do EVERYthing with Love and Light!

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