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World Oceans Day is honored today, June 8. In keeping with our recent theme of environmental awareness and trail blazing, let’s talk about the seasons of change. We’re coming up on the end of Spring. That energy of the Wood Element: growth, stamping forward, moving onward and upward. What if we took that energy of Spring and we applied it to our world. And not just our individual world that is our life. But what if we applied it to our Whole World – our Planet Earth? Specifically, our Oceans? What if we said a prayer of light for the Ocean? Wished upon a star that she bulged with fish and clean waters free of trash? Let’s put that Spring Energy of moving forward into granting the Oceans new life this Spring. Find ways to help the Oceans. Recycle (yes, it does help keep even the ocean clean). Reduce. Reuse. Donate your time, your resources. Even believe in someone DOING something that will make the difference. Yes, it’s time to send you off to visit my favorite environmental non-profit, Cura Oceanus at Spring into action!!!

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