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Virgo, the Virgin

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Energy Flow Ch’i | 0 comments

The sun entered Virgo this bright and sunny morning of August 23rd at 6:37am EST and it will run through September 22nd. Virgo, the Virgin, is an earth sign which pairs nicely to the Fall. (I’ve been told it’s getting to be autumn – it’s still in the upper 90 here so I will take it on faith – smiles!!) Fall is a time for transition from the fire element of summer to the cooling temperatures of the Feng Shui Earth Element of Fall. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, the messenger – named after the Roman god of speed. The traditional birthstone is Peridot, a light lime green silicate mineral gem that’s rich in magnesium. The flower is the delicate yet hardy Pansy while the basic need expressed is “to love and be loved in return”. The vibration you best align with? compassion and caring. Virgo’s may come off as fussy but you aspire to be the brightest examples of light in your world. You are creative, sensitive, and delicate. Your key characteristic: detail-oriented. Virgo’s find challenges with nervousness, sarcasm, and being over critical. But your positive traits of precision, order, and efficiency can easily overcome the darkness. Happy birthday month all you Virgo babies. Love and Light!

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