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Ugly Feng Shui

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention | 0 comments

The third Wednesday in October is set aside for the Hagfish; an utterly gross, repulsive, and ugly creature. Why, oh why, would we do that, Angela? We have so many cute animal creature. Think baby seals, cute dolphins, cuddly kittens and wolf pups we could put on a poster to bat their eyes and get donations to conservation by the cute-butt load. And that is EXACTLY why Hagfish Day was started in 2009. So many amazing creatures hold such incredible roles in the health of our ecosystems but get no funding because they are not ‘cute’. So break out the pocketbook for slime, gooey, gross and simply nasty creatures. Feng Shui says that you feel the energy of the object regardless if you can see the object. Hence, the reason why clutter matters so much; you feel it even if you can’t see it. (Also, that’s the reason cleaning your room as a child could not involve throwing it under the bed or in the closet; it matters HOW you do a thing.) So give some love the adversely created, whether they be an animal, fish, crustacean or human (oh my, she went there asking us to love everyone not just those who look like we do. She does that from time to time). We ALL make the planet a better place. And amazingly, some of the ugliest keep it inhabitable for all the rest of us. Love and Light!

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