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Topaz: Release Sadness, Anger, and Fear

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in 5 Elements, Cures, Intention | 0 comments

Let’s look at the stone energy surrounding November, the Topaz, the stone of protection, safety, harassment and harm. Way to go Topaz! Wear the stone close to you to ward off sadness (associated with the Feng Shui element of Fire), anger (Wood), and fear (Water). If a loved one is being bullied, this is your stone. If your loved one has nightmares, this is your stone. If you want to ward off the evil eye, this is your stone. Simply tuck a Topaz in the loved one’s pocket. Anytime they need a little extra love, have them reach in their pocket and hold the stone in their hand. They can keep their hand in their pocket or take the stone out and hold it. Whichever is most comfortable in the given situation. Wear the color topaz for this nifty cure, too. Topaz comes in a myriad of colors and is considered an allochromatic stone (meaning its color is caused by defects in its structure), with yellow being the most well known and blue the most rare. And owning to this, the color topaz is also either blue or yellow. Wow, who knew a color could be two things as well. Topaz is known as the friendship, love, fidelity, and purity stone as well. Love and Light!

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