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The 5 Elements of Balance

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in 5 Elements | 0 comments

Talk about needing balance. The western US is burning, my house is shaking from lightening strikes from an hour-long rain storm. In the cycle of elements in Feng Shui, Metal leaches Water and Wood fuels Fire. We have disrupted the flow of water so greatly in the West that our trees have so little to combat forest fires. Combine that with mining so much metal over the years and you have a very altered flow of energy. And yet we have one element left: Earth. Perhaps if we all just clicked our heels together, thought of rain over fire, gave some love to our mother earth from our highest, greatest good – our crown chakra, perhaps we can let love find a way. Balanced, steadfast, harmonious, grounded – that is the earth’s energy. That is love. Love and Light to all those in need. Love and Light.

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