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International Mud Day is today, June 29th, and what a fun day! Many happy childhood memories involve mud – squishing my toes in mud, sinking in mud while walking in creeks, having mud fights while swimming in the pond. And I have many happy adult memories involving mud. After you get your head out of the mud, you’ll see I meant mud baths. Adults go to spas and get mud baths. That’s what I meant, silly. And I don’t know which I have more fond memories of – childhood mud or adult mud. The spa is a VERY happy thing. The Feng Shui of mud would be that of the Earth Element; the element that makes of 3 of the 9 guas in your home. Earth energy is grounding, firming, relaxing, relating, loving, nurturing, and wise. So my tip today is to send the kids out to play in the mud and for YOU to go to the spa and get grounded, reset, and back on track with some Earth Chi!

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