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More Birthday Feng Shui

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in Angel Chi, Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i | 0 comments

Today welcomes more birthday wishes as it’s my oldest sister, Pam’s, birthday. It’s also my ‘other mothers’ birthday – but not the creepy Caroline ‘other mother’. My actual I-grew-up-with-3-extra-sisters-and-their-mom-is-like-my-mom-too ‘other mother’, also known as Hazel. Also celebrated today is All Saint’s Day, the holist day of the year and the event that occurs after every All Hallow’s Eve (get it, the holiest ‘eve) otherwise known as Halloween. (And you thought Halloween was about ghosts and ghouls and avoiding the evil eye; it’s really the night before the holiest day of the year.) Whew, no wonder we get tired this time of year with so many holidays, birthdays, special occasions, and happy wishes. So to get some good chi (energy) pumping, here are my happy Feng Shui wishes for the birthday girls intertwined with some angel love. May you know you have angels watching over you, there for you whenever you need them. Know you can call on your angel guides, guardian angel, and Aneal (‘mother’ of all angels) for protection, insight, calming, unconditional love, hope, to share in joy, and decrease your pain, fear, anger, sadness, and sorrow. Angels are there to help you resolve your issues and help you find joy in your life path. Lean on the angels and learn your own strength; you are more powerful, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and independent than you believe. And remember that what you believe is what makes up your life. So KNOW you are beauty. You are strength. You are powerful. You are amazing. Add the Feng Shui 9×9 to those words you KNOW and you’ve got a cure (9×9 refers to repeating a phrase 9x a day for 9 days). Love and Light!

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