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More Full Moon Shui

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Cures | 0 comments

The full moon this month is at 8:05 am today so get your gazing on tonight! This particular moon is called the Blood Moon or, according to the Native Americans, the Hunters Moon. This is the time transition into colder weather up in the Northern Hemisphere and moon urges us to start, build, and create new pathways of being. It’s time to release the old ways that no longer serve us. Yeah, we’re back to that Feng Shui basic. Just let it go. If it’s things, ideas, thoughts, actions, words, movements, or lack of movement. Release, Forgive, Move Forward. Actively think of the ‘new’ way you of doing things to start your life on the path you want to travel. Do this simple, yet powerful, Feng Shui cure every day, 9 times a day, for 9 days. Love and Light!

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