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Leo the Lion

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Energy Flow Ch’i | 0 comments

Cutting it close, but here’s your Leo, the Lion Feng Shui advice. We have been in the sign of Leo since July 23 with Virgo moving in on August 23rd. And as a balance to last month’s water sign, Cancer, Leo is a fire element sign. With the ruling planet being the sun, how could it be any other way? The traditional birthstone is the amazing Ruby while others claim it to be Peridot. Growing up, my youngest sister, a Leo, would get rubies as her birthstone so let’s go with tradition. The Leo flower is the Sunflower while the basic need expressed is “to lead the way”. The vibration you best align with? Radiance. It really is all about that sun with Lions!! So grab the torch, light the way, and welcome in the abundance! You are committed, to yourself and others. There are three levels of development for the Leo; the lion cub, the King of the Jungle, and finally, the Sphinx – wise and willing to teach. Your key characteristic is creativity. The amazing Leo strengths are courage, integrity, confidence; but be warned, the challenges that face a Leo can be ego, selfishness, or the need to dominate others. Keep your integrity high to avoid those challenges.
Love and Light Leo babies!

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