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Strawberry Parfait Day is today!! And a favorite quote of mine is “Everybody loves a parfait!!” from Shrek. OK, so I have a lot of favorite movie quotes. The passage comes when talking about how we have layers to our personalities like onions or parfaits have layers. So when you start your next “self project” – when you find another layer to peel back and examine, think about how that self-thought or memory is helping or hurting you. Does that ‘layer’ keep you moving forward? If not, toss it – like we spoke about on Tuesday – or if you can’t let it go, change your perspective of it. Shift the energy around the memory to a perspective that moves you forward. And yes, a memory can change to fit your new, positive, perspective. Just shift the viewfinder and look at it from a different angle; an angle that brings new light on the viewpoint. Did you get reprimanded in public and it embarrass you to the point you don’t interact in public any more? Perhaps the person who embarrassed you only wanted to make you stronger – perhaps they were also embarrassed and was looking for a scapegoat. Whatever the cause, you can shift the reaction portion which is your perspective of the event. It’s all about the layers!!

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