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Labor Day Love

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Angel Chi, Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention, Perception | 0 comments

Labor Day is honored today in the US; a day to celebrate the American spirit of working together for the greater good of our country, it’s citizens and the world. At least, that’s the way I see it – rose-rimmed glasses and all. I go back to the premise that if we do everything from a place of love we all benefit more. If our words come from a place of love, we build a community that respects each other. If our actions come from a place a love, we create a space that allow each of us to fulfill our greatest potential. If our re-actions come from a place of love, we honor each other. Love allows us to achieve the greatest good. And yes, that means love others even when they do not love you. AND especially when they don’t show love to you. Because that’s when they need it the most. And that’s some Angel Chi right there dear ones. Love and Light!

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