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Help a Child Feel Safe

Posted by on Aug 2, 2015 in Children & Creativity Gua | 0 comments

Here’s a lovely Feng Shui way to help a child feel connected to you – especially when a wee one doesn’t want to spend the night on their own. It’s also great to connect the family after a traumatic event, a child becoming detached, or a death in the family. Use a red line — think thread, pencil, marker, or tape — drawn from your bed to your child’s bed. Make sure you touch your bed frame to their bed frame. Your intention is to tie the two of you together. This can be done with one child or multiple children. Or to tie siblings closer together. Hide the red string under the carpet, cover it with a new coat of paint, or be REALLY creative and make it a beautiful art piece running through your home. A real connection to the heart with love and light.

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