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Gratitude Feng Shui Cure (and thank you)

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in Angel Chi, Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention, Perception | 0 comments

I would like to challenge each of you to live a life of gratitude. Each day for the remainder of the year, think/speak/share/post/write one thing for which you are grateful. Add the Feng Shui cure of daily writing out (nine times in red ink) this thing for which you are grateful. Welcome in the energy of gratitude; live in the moment, smile, open doors, say thank you as often as you have the opportunity, and then make some opportunities to say thank you. This Wood Sheep year has been the most soul-crushing, soul-wrenching, soul-challenging for me (and the mind, body, spirit, and aura have been put to the test as well). Without gratitude for the most simple things, I could not have survived. I have been told that my words in these posts have made people feel I am in the most positive place anyone could be – living on the upper atmosphere of bliss. And that thought has made me grateful. Grateful to be able to spread joy in a year that has been my most challenging. The days I barely got out of bed, I lived in gratitude. The days I cried my eyes out, I lived in gratitude. The days I made myself move forward because the only thing I could do was to keep moving forward, I lived in gratitude. Never, ever think it’s too hard to live in gratitude when life is not giving what you want or even, what you need. Simply live in gratitude. Be in gratitude. And know that some how, some way, your state of gratitude is helping someone else live in gratitude. And for that, I am grateful. Love and Light!

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