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Fix What’s Broken

Posted by on Aug 15, 2015 in Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention, Perception | 0 comments

One of the strongest Feng Shui cures I know is to fix what’s broken around your house. Yes, we’re back to “what’s closest to you has the most effect on you”. Living with broken electronics, chipped cups, cracked windows and other “small” items in your home can leave you feeling like you’re not living at all. You’re trapped, tired and in a constant state of surviving – not living. It makes you feel like your entire life is in disrepair and “despair”. So how do you start getting the energy to shift? Fix one thing at a time. And get rid of objects that are broken – including your language, thoughts and actions! We all know how energy attracts like energy. If you HAVE broken stuff, then you attract broken stuff. Broken relationships, broken energy, broken money (as in ‘being broke’), broken thoughts, and broken lives. AND for heaven’s sake, STOP saying your broke. CANCEL, CANCEL – I can’t even write that down! Yes, I’m being rather harsh today but it is in Love and Light! Yes, in reality you may be living paycheck to paycheck, but YOU are not broke. Please stop saying and thinking those limited thoughts or risk the reality of being broken – literary and figuratively. Minds can change, bodies are harder to fix when the mind has convinced it that is is broken. Change those words, change that mind, change that life. You may hear them every day but you don’t have to take them on as your own. (OK, my soapbox has been put away and now I will share some love and light.) The basic Feng Shui of this topic is this, “if it’s broken, get rid of it”. YOU deserve things that work, money that works for you, energy that is full of live, thoughts that build you up, a body that is strong and fully capable. Release what is broken and your life will FEEL wondrous, full, and exceed all your expectations. Love and Light (while banging your head slightly against the metaphoric wall) but still Love and Light!

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