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Feng Shui in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Posted by on Dec 19, 2015 in 5 Elements, Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i | 0 comments

Star Wars . . . Is . . . HERE!!!! (Well, it was in Paris last week, and I saw it Thursday night, and it opened last night so it’s been here a good while but I am still so happy!!!!). SO HAPPY!!! So what’s all that joy associated with in the galaxy of Feng Shui? Joy is your Fire Element and this Fire Element girls is SO about the joy! Fire is the summertime of the year, the heart & small intestine organs, and the sense of smell. So welcome some joy the Fire Element way; a nap in the sun or start a roaring fire, enjoy some heart and gut healthy snacks like nuts and yogurt, and drink in the scents of the season that make you smile like pine. And avoid the opposite emotion of Sadness; if that ole sap comes ’round, stick out your middle finger. HEY now, not like that. The middle finger is the Fire finger, so massage it, give it a good rub, and share it, in loving kindness, to activate the goodness of the Fire Element. Enjoy all the things (and the movies from childhood) that bring you joy this holiday season and all year through. Love and Light!

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