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Family Feng Shui

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Energy Flow Ch’i, Family & Daily Cash Gua, Feng Shui | 0 comments

National Lasagna Day is celebrated today, July 29th, and who could not think about the big, yellow, comic strip cat that LOVES his lasagna, Garfield. And of course that brings me around to happiness. Yep. Happiness from lasagna as a yummy comfort food and my beloved kittiehs!! Life is all about bringing together the things you love on a daily basis. So for tonight it’s all about making yummy lasagna for my hubby and loving on those precious kitty cats. And how does Feng Shui come into this? We will share our special meal at the dining room table. No TV, no couch, no distractions, no outside “noise”. Every meal shared at the dining room table builds a strong foundation for family that includes communication, respect, and support of one another. So make sure all your meals are shared at the table to build stronger ties that bind.

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