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Today is a double day of celebration with both the Summer Solstice and Father’s Day being celebrated. And I’m just at my leisure as summer energy is the middle daughter, me, and the celebration of Dad come together in one brilliant day. For the solstice, decorate your home with fresh flowers and herbs in the kitchen. This helps welcome the energy of summer – light, rebirth, renewal. And what better way to kick off summer than to honor Dads everywhere? The energy surrounding the Father is associated with the Metal Element. Be sure to place a silver-framed photo of Dad in the “Helpful People & Travel” gua with the intention of saying thanks for all Dad does today and everyday. And tell him how much he’s loved today and everyday. The day comes all too soon that ‘Dad’ is no longer with us in this life. This is for you Amos Franklin Davis:  I miss you daddy and am grateful for all those things you taught me – I would not be the ‘me’ I am today without all those magical years you were here to guide me. I honor you today and welcome the sun to help me celebrate all you taught me. Love and light.

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