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Celtic Tree Month of Hazel

Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in Energy Flow Ch’i | 0 comments

The Celtic Tree Month of Hazel, The Knower, is August 5th – September 1st. Hazel tree people are energetically intelligent, organized and highly efficient. Like the Holly, excel in classroom situations and are naturally gifted with the ability to easily retain information. In fact, you are most likely to have an eidetic memory and able to recall facts, retell stories, and know your facts. Given this desire to learn and share everything with those you meet, be aware of the need to balance your love of knowledge so you’re not looked upon as a “know-it-all”. You like to get into the details of projects but be aware this can also be a slippery slope to wanting things done your way. Your penchant for numbers and science show off your analytical skills making you the happy focal point of being “correct”. The “Knower” can be of most service when they are sharing their passion of knowledge. Pay special attention to the Wisdom, Skills & Knowledge Earth Element gua in the front, left of your home to keep the Hazel family member moving forward in Love and Light!

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