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"It's amazing how Angela made just a few simple changes in my home and now business is booming. I didn't realize how I was blocking money from entering my life!"

I had a new word come into my vocabulary via a new friend, a word I have not used due to internal correlations. The word is allow. I stayed clear of the word, allow, for many reasons. It implied I had control over destiny, that I was steering the path, that I could have a say in places where it is best to let go, and let the universe guide me. But I now see the word, allow, for it’s true potential. It is me accepting ownership of the parts of my life I can affect a change upon. I allow my path to unfurl in front of me, and to my greatest good, because I choose to keep moving forward. I allow myself to let and grow because I choose to see good; I will stop my waterfall pattern of “people are unkind”. I will change that thought and simply give “the human” the gift of kindness even when I do not receive kindness from them. I have some Feng Shui’ing of the mind to do. Love and Light.

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