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Let’s Get Real: Yin, Earth

Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in 5 Elements, Yin/Yang | 0 comments

Let’s shake things up. Let’s get real. I am a profoundly positive person and strive to see the good, the hope, and the light. That does not mean things always go my way. It does not mean I don’t experience struggle, pain, sadness, and emptiness. I see life as a journey and I want to express the reality of life, not just represent an ideal. There must be darkness for us to know what light is. With that said, in the coming months I intend to share HOW I keep moving forward when life is showing me how to be stronger (when things get hard). I use the lessons from my life, my faith, my family, Feng Shui, friendships that have served me well and those that have taught me difficult lessons as well (or are those the same thing?). I am a giver; I wish to make everyone else whole so they never feel the despair I’ve experienced. There. That’s real. I have bad days. Bad months. Bad years. (Heck the last 5 have kicked my butt, royally.) Please know that to honor all the aspects of life, you must feel what you feel. Both positive and negative. You must be allowed to hold the energy around you to learn the lesson before you can move forward. Honor the Yin energy coming through this time of year. Look inward. Go inside your thoughts. Contemplate, excavate, process, and simply feel. Do not wallow. Do not overstay. Keep the light with you. Take the element of grounding with you during your journey. Hold a piece of earth: a square, something made of earth, or earth colored item in your hand/pocket. Let it be your center. Your rock. Hold the space for moving forward. And receive the love you need for your journey from the best source of all: Y-O-U. You matter and your journey matters. Fill that journey with Love and Light.

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