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Happy New Year 2016!!

Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in 5 Elements, Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention | 0 comments

Happy New Year! Here’s a grand Feng Shui cure for a New Year’s Day feast (remember that shopping list I shared back on the 29th? Here’s why). Your New Year’s feast should include some very specific foods. Eat salmon to welcome long life and wisdom. Include cabbage to accept great fortune and riches. Have lots of mandarin oranges to snack on for good health and even better luck all year through. Make the food an easy buffet of all day snacking so that you can avoid spending the day working. It’s a day to celebrate doing all the things you love to do (and avoiding doing the tasks you don’t enjoy). That means no housework; especially avoid sweeping, washing, dusting, and vacuuming as it pushes away your good luck. Also, don’t use scissors, knives, or bladed objects today as they can cut your connection to a successful new year. And it goes without saying that there’s no crying, arguing, yelling, or fussing today. After all, whatever happens on New Year’s Day is what you can expect all year long. So keep it BEAUTY-filled, hopeful, and full of peace today and all year through. Love and Light!!

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