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New Year’s Tips: Shopping List for the 31st

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in 5 Elements, Cures | 0 comments

The gregorian calendar is winding down so I thought I’d share some prep work for getting the chi of your home ready for 2016! And, yes, you’ll get loads more when we shift the lunar (Chinese) New Year in February. To get the New Year off to a perfect start, clean your home from top to bottom and in all the spaces in-between. You want to literally sweep, dust, clean, and shine away any stale or stuck chi energy hanging around from last year. Open the window to blow away that stale chi. This is especially powerful to do at the stoke of midnight on the 31st. Want to go a step further? After the toast, light a stick of frankincense incense with the intention of letting go of the old. While the incense burns down, shift your intentions to welcoming your heart’s desire for the upcoming new year. Start at your front door, walking your main floor in a clockwise direction. Allow the wispy smoke to carry your intentions all round your home. When you’ve circled back to the front door, walk to the center of your home. Allow the incense to burn out anywhere in this center space. Shop now for the frankincense (spoiler alert: for the 1st, you’ll need salmon, cabbage, & mandarin oranges as well. Dec 30th & 31st will have items to purchase too). Love and Light!

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