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Shiny Metal Energy

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in 5 Elements, Children & Creativity Gua, Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i | 0 comments

It’s not quite Winter yet, so let’s keep focusing on that lovely Fall energy associated with the Metal Element. One of the Metal areas is called Creativity & Children (middle, right hand side of home) and honors the energy of joy, creativity, fearlessness, and noise! Imagine that?!? A noisy creative space. Keep the Metal energy moving with metallic accents, round objects, and pastels. Metal is the element that connects us to the Heavens, so include those things that connect you to the divine as well. Self expression is key to having balanced Metal in your life; if you aren’t able to speak your truth consider looking at the state of your silverware. Is it dull & tarnished? Then give it a shine and watch your communication skills sparkle and shine! Love and Light!

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