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Turquoise Stone for December

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in 5 Elements, Cures, Energy Flow Ch’i, Feng Shui, Helpful People & Travel Gua | 0 comments

December’s traditional birthstone is Turquoise, the stone of good fortune, success, and the bringer of prosperity. (Zircon and more recently Tanzanite are also recognized as December stones.) Turquoise has veins and nodules where copper minerals crystallize giving it a rugged depth that I am very fond of. This stone is the perfect match for December as it’s the ending of Fall (a Metal Element in Feng Shui) and starting of the Winter (a Water Element time of the year). Wearing this metallic stone close to you can bring you creativity, helpful people, and lots of travel. If you give the gift of turquoise, you are pledging affection. It has been beloved since the time of the Pharaohs and was used in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Siberia, and the Americas by the Hopi, Pueblo, and Navajo to name a few. To the Native Americans, turquoise symbolized the Heavens. This connection to Feng Shui comes, most appropriately, in the Metal Element’s “Helpful People & Travel” gua’s trigram called “Heaven”. Love and Light!

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