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Exploding Feng Shui

Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 in 5 Elements, Fame & Reputation Gua | 0 comments

Mole Day refers to the geeky, quirky day set aside to celebrate the role of Avogadro’s Number in chemistry and the more general love of all things medicine, plastic, and explosive. Feng Shui also loves everything explosive; think fireworks, THE item you need when you’re celebrating out loud. So here’s some ‘shui to get your lights burning bright. The Fire Element is associated with Fame & Reputation, the far back center of your home. Burn candles, light incense, and shine the light on your area of expertise in this gua by placing your diplomas here. Have articles written about you, display them here. Letters of praise from a boss or a great review? Hang them BEHIND a picture (you don’t want to be boastful and ANY placement in the this gua, hidden or in sight, brings the same results). Love and Light!

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