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You Matter

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015 in Angel Chi, Energy Flow Ch’i, Intention, Perception, Wisdom | 0 comments

Today is ‘You Matter To Me Day’ and I couldn’t wait to share how much you mean to me. A very simple concept but one that is oh, so very powerful. This concept goes hand-in-hand with yesterday’s post on our inner voice and the season of gratitude (and just wait ’til tomorrow – the theme continues). For today, I impart a powerful cure to request meaning, love, prosperity, happiness, insight, patience, understanding, and gratitude to all those that matter to you. Practice this one on everyone you come into contact with whether they be a loved one or the girl in the checkout lane. Before you speak, think these words, “I love you”. Then speak outlaid your sentence. Think of THAT. Before you order your coffee, think “I love you”. Before yelling at the driver that cut you off, think “I love you”. When you call your mom, think “I love you”. When you deal with ‘that guy’ at work, think “I love you”. Oh, my. The anger left your voice. The judgement subsided. The world just opened up. Now, breath. Each and every person, animal, plant or rock you come into contact with, think “I love you”. What you’re really sharing is that you, yes even YOU, matter to me. Love and Light!

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