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Chicken Soup

Posted by on Oct 3, 2015 in Heath Gua | 0 comments

Today I have been stymied by a cold. Thank goodness I got ahead of it and it’s only a head cold. And I did so with lots of Chinese herbs, ginger, hot cayenne peppers, supplements, and good old fashioned (HIGH quality) silver. Good stuff, if not a bit yucky on the palate. But I want to stay healthy. Another home remedy is eating chicken noodle soup. I have recently heard the reason why chicken soup is a staple for a cold. It comes from the days of eating with real cutlery made from silver. Silver particles would heat up in the warm broth and be digested making the immune system stronger. Remember that this was a long time ago before we had developed techniques of making silver stronger. So in my head-aching way, I’m saying use quality silver when you feel a cold coming on. A great source of QUALITY silver (you’re getting the understanding that only the best quality silver should be ingested, right?) is Dr. Amy Oros at Acupuncture, Health & Wellness in Melbourne, Fl. Tell her The Green Feng SHui Lady sent you. Love and Light and Healing!!

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