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Libra Love

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Energy Flow Ch’i, Family & Daily Cash Gua, Feng Shui, Wealth | 0 comments

The sun entered Libra September 23 and will run in the sign of “The Scales” through October 22. Libra is an air sign (Wood in Feng Shui) which reflects the energy of this Wood Element Sheep year. And with the great balancer of Libra working with the chi of a Wood, Sheep year (think family-oriented and growing people), this should be an amazing month for aligning money (Wood) & family (Sheep) with love and light. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus and is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty (get the love connection?). The traditional birthstone is Opal, a hydrated amorphous form of silica with a water content ranging from 3 to 21% – how cool is that we’ve got some Water Element going on in a stone!?! The stone’s internal structure makes it diffract light – that’s why it looks so beautiful and multi-colored. The Libra flower is the delicate pink rose, the symbol of grace and elegance, sweetness and poetic romance. The basic need that works it’s way out to be expressed is “to live an easy, uncomplicated life”. The vibration is unsteadiness which explains the life pursuit of consistency. Libras are artistic, affectionate, refined, attractive and fashion-conscious guys and gals. Libras may come off as difficult to fathom but are really all about peace and joy. You are creative, sensitive, and delicate. Your key characteristic: harmony – again with the balance represented by the Scales – Libras really do like balance. Libras find challenges with indecision, narcissism, and superficiality. But your positive traits of diplomacy, charm, and a love of beauty can easily overcome the challenges. You dream of the perfect partner, can easily switch the crazy world off, and strive to live up to your childhood dreams. Remember to allow peace and harmony into your own life to balance your dreams with the happiness of what is real (and often right in front of you). Happy birthday month all you Libra babies. Love and Light!

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