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Healing Feng Shui

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Heath Gua | 0 comments

Here’s some healing Feng Shui for our selves, our families, and the planet. Print out an image of a healing grid and place it in your home. Use this healing grid to meditate, say prayers over, and a focus for healing others and yourself. The best placement? The center gua of the home is the Health & Wellness gua, the perfect placement for this healing grid. They are very beautiful and powerful cure and reminder to place your health, and the health of others and the earth, as a priority in your life. Want to bump up the volume on healing? Add the extra impact of a clear crystal in the center of the grid. Use a natural crystal or Feng Shui crystal for this extra cure. And as always, place your intention of welcoming health, healing, and “Love and Light” into your home!

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