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Relationship Yin/Yang

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Yin/Yang | 0 comments

Happy birthday to my oldest niece’s significant other, Renaldo. Wishing you all your favorite things today and all year long. Here’s some Yin/Yang energy for you and Sara to keep on building a beautiful relationship for all your years to come. The Yin energy in your relationship (the feminine) should be cherished for ‘feelings’ – feminine energy wants to feel. While the Yang energy (the masculine) should be respected for ‘thinking’ – male energy wants to fix things. By saying what the Yin FEELS, it gives the Yang the ability to THINK OF and GIVE what you want. And remember, both men and women have BOTH energies of Yin and Yang. Daddies go to their Yin Energy center when nurturing boo-boos and mommies go to their Yang Energy centers when disciplining puppies and goldfish. You get the picture; we are ‘that which we see’, too. Love and Light!

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